Raise A Guide Dog Puppy

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime! 


Raise a puppy for Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center and help give a person who is blind one of the most cherished gifts they will ever receive.

Keep the puppy from 12 to 18 months with Gallant Hearts paying all expenses–food, veterinary care, heartworm preventative, flea and tick control, and an obedience course for puppy and puppy raiser.

Have you ever wanted to take your puppy with you as you travel or run errands?  Well, in most places, you will be able to have your Gallant Hearts puppy with you as long as it is house broken, well behaved, has on its “Guide Dog in Training” vest, and you have your puppy raiser identification card from Gallant Hearts.  You will need to get permission from store managers, in most cases, prior to bringing your Gallant Hearts puppy into places of business.


What you need to do for the puppy: housebreak it, socialize it by taking it to as many places as possible, teach it good house manners, and obedience train it.  Gallant Hearts staff will help you resolve any training or behavioral problems you might have with the puppy.


Provide guidance for a puppy until it is old enough and mature enough to guide a person who is blind and when your puppy becomes a guide dog, you will enjoy a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride in your puppy.

Complete the Puppy Raiser Agreement and send to Gallant Hearts. 


For more information call: 

(601) 853-6996 or email: rfloyd@gallanthearts.org

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