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Application for Services

Each person accepted for training with Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center will receive - trained dog, equipment, travel & boarding (if applicable), and "Handler" training, free of charge, under a 100% paid scholarship, made possible through corporations and individual donations.

Please be mindful that guide dogs are not placed on a first come, first served basis.

Applicant Requirements
1. Primary disability is blindness and have no more than 20/800 visual acuity in the best eye, with best correction or no more than 20 degrees field vision.
2. Completed Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center Application.

3. Completed Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center Pre-Approval Health Screening for Guide Dog Use form, (to be completed by your attending physician).

4. Completed Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center Ophthalmology Report, (to be completed by ophthalmologist or optometrist), all information used must be within one (1) year of application date.

5. Short video (2-3 minutes) of applicant walking, negotiating up and down stairs, sidewalks, etc. (to determine speed, gait, balance and coordination).

6. Undergo at least one telephone interview with a Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center representative.


Application for Services

Please be patient, as this page is undergoing updates and revisions. 

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