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Guide Dog Placement

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Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center places well trained, healthy dogs throughout the United States, and, occasionally, in Canada.  The dogs are provided to people whose primary disability is blindness and who have no more than 20/800 visual acuity in the best eye with best correction or no more than 20 degrees field of vision.  The dogs are provided, free of charge, to qualified individuals who have been approved by the Center’s Admissions Committee.  The trained dog is normally delivered to the applicant and the trainer remains within the area and provides training for the new team for a period of 1 to 2 weeks.  The applicant may come to Jackson, MS for training if the applicant and dog can be best served in this manner.

It will be necessary for the applicant to complete an application, complete and sign a consent form, obtain a video of the applicant walking, and the applicants physician and ophthalmologist will have to complete medical forms.  There will be at least two interviews with Gallant Hearts staff in an effort to get to know the applicant and the desired characteristics of their future guide.

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Application for Services

Each person accepted for training with a Gallant Hearts Guide Dog will receive the trained dog, equipment, travel, board (if applicable), and training, free of charge under a one hundred percent (100%) scholarship, made possible through donations. 


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